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KiOR achieved significant scale up of its technology at research and demonstration facilities. This led to the construction of its first commercial scale production facility  in Columbus, Mississippi, which began shipping cellulosic fuels in early 2013. 

Beyond Columbus, KiOR intends to construct larger standard commercial production facilities designed to be approximately three times the size of our Columbus facility. These will utilize a centralized hydrotreating unit to support multiple standard commercial production facilities in order to take advantage of economies of scale.  

KiOR believes it will be able to scale rapidly due to its commitment to “copy exact” principles and low-cost modular facility design.  This design allows for easy replication of subsequent standard commercial production facilities, which should enable it to  reduce capital costs significantly compared to other biofuel technologies.

By staging the expansion of its standard commercial facilities in discrete facility-by-facility projects that are independently viable, KiOR believes that it will have flexibility to plan its growth, both domestically and internationally.