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KiOR produces renewable gasoline and diesel blendstocks that are comparable to their fossil-fuel based counterparts and can easily be dropped-in to the existing fuel supply, offering a more environmentally friendly fuel option to consumers at the pump. According to a full lifecycle emissions analysis of KiOR data, based on the Argonne National Laboratory's Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions and Energy Use in Transportation, or GREET model, using KiOR'sdata, KiOR’s gasoline and diesel blendstocks are projected to reduce direct lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80% compared to fossil-based gasoline and diesel.

Given the infrastructure compatibility of its renewable fuels, KiOR expects to access the $2 trillion global transportation fuels market  while also benefiting from government programs, such as the US Renewable Fuel Standard.

KiOR’s renewable blendstocks can be combined with conventional gasoline and diesel fuels by refiners and oil companies and sold to distributors of finished products, or end users of fuel products. To date, KiOR has signed fuel offtake agreements with Hunt Refining, Catchlight Energy, and FedEx Corporate Services, thus demonstrating its ability to fulfill the needs of a variety of customers.