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Three Benefits

The US currently meets approximately 65% of its annual crude oil needs with foreign imports. Additionally, global oil demand is expected to grow by over 20% through 2030, outpacing the growth of oil supply. KiOR’s fuels from renewable crude can be safely produced domestically and can help reduce the amount spent annually on foreign oil imports.

KiOR’s renewable fuel production facilities will provide high-quality jobs and stimulate economic growth in rural communities across the world. Depending on the specific size, each KiOR facility will create hundreds of direct, indirect and induced local jobs in industries such as forestry, manufacturing, and construction. 

KiOR's renewable fuel production process can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. According to a February 2011 analysis performed by TIAX LLC, a leading technology processing and commericliazation company, KiOR's gasoline and diesel blendstocks are projeted to reduce direct lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by over 80% compared to the fuels they displace.