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KiOR is a next-generation renewable fuels company.

Our mission is to produce renewable fuels in a profitable yet sustainable manner. We strive to achieve environmental and social benefits by achieving a negative carbon footprint, responsibly managing our land use and water resources, and preserving our forests and food sources, while promoting energy independence, job creation and community investment.

Through our proprietary technology platform, we will provide new domestic sources of liquid transportation fuels — sustainably — using a variety of renewable natural resources to help further energy independence and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to TIAX LLC, our gasoline and diesel blendstocks are projected to reduce direct lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by over 80% compared to the fuels they displace.

We believe that the solution to the world’s growing transportation fuel demands must be:

Real.  Our technology produces high-quality hydrocarbon blendstocks that will “drop in” to the existing transportation fuels infrastructure for use in vehicles on the road today. Unlike ethanol, which is generally subject to a 10% to 15% blend wall, our gasoline and diesel blendstocks can be combined with petroleum based fuels and used as components in a variety of final fuel products.

Renewable.  Our proprietary technology platform allows us to convert a wide variety of low-cost, abundant and sustainable non-food biomass, including woody biomass, such as whole tree chips, logging residues, branches and bark; agricultural residues, such as sugarcane bagasse; and energy crops, such as switchgrass and miscanthus, into renewable transportation fuels.

Rural.  We plan to locate our commercial production facilities in rural areas near sources of low-cost, abundant and sustainable biomass, which we believe will help revitalize rural communities impacted by closed paper mills.

Repeatable.  We plan to employ a modular design for our standard commercial production facilities that can be replicated in numerous locations with abundant and sustainable non-food feedstock in the southeastern United States and beyond. We believe that this “copy exact” design will help us to reduce our capital costs, implement learned best practices and facilitate rapid deployment of new production facilities.