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Feedstock Flexibility


KiOR’s technology platform is feedstock flexible, allowing for the conversion of a wide variety of sustainable biomass into renewable gasoline and diesel blendstocks. KiOR believes this feedstock flexibility will allow it to pursue expansion opportunities in both the US and abroad, where locations can be identified in close proximity to feedstock sources. Potential feedstocks for KiOR’s conversion process include: 

Woody biomass

  • Pulp logs
  • Logging residue such as tops and limbs of trees
  • Urban wood waste such as wood from tree cover

Agricultural residues

  • Feed residues left in field  after harvest (e.g., stalks,  stems, leaves)
  • Process residues  left over from processing crop into usable product (e.g., bagasse, husks)

Energy crops

  • Crops grown expressly for biofuels (e.g., switchgrass, sorghum)