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Southern Yellow Pine



KiOR’s commercial-scale facilities in the southeastern United States will utilize Southern Yellow Pine whole tree chips as the primary feedstock.

According to the USDA Forest Service, a surplus of Southern Yellow Pine exists in the Southern US amounting to approximately 59,000 bone dry tons per day. Subject to infrastructure and logistics, this volume of biomass alone could provide sufficient feedstock for more than 35 of KiOR’s 1500 dry ton per day standard commercial production facilities.



In addition to pine feedstock’s abundant availability, its stable, low-cost pricing also provides KiOR advantages relative to the biofuel feedstocks of other companies. The long lifecycle and considerable availability of wood biomass, or standing timber, has provided relatively stable costs for delivered woodchips versus food-based biofuel feedstock and product markets such as crude oil. KiOR believes these two factors significantly dampen price volatility for wood compared to seasonal crop-based feedstocks that depend more on weather and other short-term supply and demand dynamics.