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Non-Food Focus

KiOR’s technology utilizes sustainably harvested, non-food feedstocks, including woody biomass, agricultural residues, and energy crops, all of which are grown on land that is not in use for food production. This non-food focus sets the company apart from traditional biofuel technologies, and provides that widespread adoption of KiOR’s renewable fuels should not have an adverse effect on food prices.

In the long term, KiOR believes that crops will be developed for marginal or degraded lands that cannot be used for food production but may serve as a feedstock for KiOR’s facilities. In fact, millions of acres of agricultural lands previously used for food production have been degraded in the United States.

KiOR believes its use of non-food feedstock is critical to fulfilling its mission to achieve net environmental and social benefits by responsibly managing land use and preserving forest and food sources.