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Leveraging Proven FCC Processes

KiOR’s proprietary technology platform is rooted in proven processes that have been standard in the oil industry for decades. This platform lowers KiOR's operating risk versus alternative technologies and provides a process with demonstrated and well known scale-up cost.  

KiOR’s BFCC process leverages Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) technology, which has been used in refineries for over 60 years. First commercialized in 1942, the FCC unit is the most important conversion unit in a refinery, and processes about one third of the total crude volume annually in the US.  

Oil refiners often scale FCC technologies from less than one barrel per day to full size units that process over 50,000 barrel per day.
After converting the biomass into a renewable crude oil, KiOR refines its oil into gasoline and diesel blendstocks using conventional hydrotreating equipment, which is standard equipment found operating in existing refineries.  

Since KiOR’s process innovations are based on existing technology the scale-up risk is significantly reduced.