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Scalable Technology

Since its inception, KiOR has performed extensive research to develop, refine and commercialize its biomass-to-renewable fuel technology. That technology is now being utilized on a commercial scale at the company's Columbus facility.

Early Success
After successfully producing renewable crude oil at laboratory and pilot scales, KiOR demonstrated the scalability of its Biomass Fluid Catalytic Cracking (BFCC) process through a demonstration unit 400-times the size of its pilot plant. The demonstration unit amassed sufficient operating hours and production to provide KiOR the data and proof of concept needed to begin building its first commercial-scale plant in 2011.

Commercial Scale 
The Columbus facility represents a 50-times scale up from KiOR's demonstration unit. KiOR’s BFCC process leverages Fluid Catalytic Cracking, a proven technology used in oil refineries and often scaled from less than one barrel per day to over 50,000 barrels per day at commercial scale, helps to further reduce KiOR's own BFCC scale-up risk.